What you need to know before buying CBD oil for pet


CBD oil has been on the rise in recent years and as time goes by these products from the cannabis plant are becoming more and more popular and their functions are also increasing in the process. If you follow natural health, you have probably heard about CBD for pets, more specifically CBD oil for dogs. The products have become very popular nowadays and if you are not careful you might end up buying something that is low-quality. Some quick sellers are taking advantage of the popularity of the CBD products and making substandard products. These products, which haven't been manufactured with USDA regulations or standards in mind, may not be of much value to your dog or your dog's health. In this article, we discuss some things you should know  before buying CBD oil for dogs so that you can get to buy oil that will make the most impact on your dog.

Look at the certificate analysis (COA)

The certificate of analysis or as commonly known the COA is a laboratory testing certificate that shows what the CBD oil contains. If you can't find the COA from the website you are buying from, that might be a red flag that the product may not be what they are saying it is. If you can see the certificate from the website or you asked and they provided it to you, you should check and confirm that the product contains high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC, if possible, you should look for the one free of THC.

THC is the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant responsible for getting one high. Most products in the market contain less than 0.3 percent of the compound but you cannot confirm that if you are not provided with the certificate of analysis. You might end up buying a product that will make your pet high.

Nano-sized Microemulsion CBD is the ideal choice

The quality of the products vary from one manufacturer to another and the most important factor in determining the quality of a product is by looking at the potency of the CBD. A quality product is one with Liposomal Emulsion but the perfect one is one that boasts of non-sized emulsion.

The potency levels come it 3 different categories. The first one is the standard emulsion which has large particles, poor absorption and they are the cheapest on the market, definitely not what your dog deserves. The other category is the liposomal emulsion, this one has smaller particles, a better absorption, and the price is slightly higher than the cheap oils. And then there is the Nano-sized emulsion which is the best choice for your dogs. They have the smallest particles and their absorption is incomparable. Very few companies produce this so if you find one jump on it right away.

Look for products from organic hemp plants

The hemp plant is one of the most nutritious plants in the world so buying an organic product matter. Hemp is capable of pulling important toxins from the soil and it also has some antioxidants that only an organic hemp plant can contain so choosing a product from an organic hemp plant is absolutely crucial. If the product you were about to choose is not from an organic hemp plant, just skip it and find one from an organic plant as it will have more benefits and it will also not have serious side effects as it will not contain any traces of pesticides that can be an issue to some dogs.

A low price may be a red flag

Am not trying to say that you should always go for the most expensive CBD oil for pets, but there are some low prices can make you wonder if the product underwent through all the necessary steps before being put to the market. Extracting CBD oil is no easy and the manufacturers normally use a lot of money to extract the purest CBD and if the product is too cheap, then it can only mean one thing, the company is cutting corners. There is no way they can sell the product at a loss so cutting corners is the only logical explanation.

Products labeled hemp oil may cost if you are not careful, beware!

There are lots of manufacturers that are cutting corners and not following the rules and regulations and instead of labeling their products CBD they are labeling it hemp oil. Some are doing this so that they can be able to sell their products on Amazon since amazon does not list CBD products but it got no problem with hemp oil. Such companies trying to cut corners are not manufacturing high-quality products and you need to avoid them.

If the product is not verified as CBD, you're probably better of skipping it. To verify the contents of any CBD oil you can refer to the certificate of analysis. It is also worth noting that there is a very big difference between hemp oil and hemp seed oil. Hemp oil contains CBD but hemp seed oil does not contain any traces of CBD, just healthy fats, proteins, and micronutrients. So if you are buying CBD oil for dogs for therapeutic purposes, hemp seed oil will not yield the same results as hemp oil.

However, if you can get a product that has both features, CBD and hemp seed oil won’t that be amazing? Well, even if most of the hemp products listed on Amazon are a scam, there still some pretty good ones. They are just listed as hemp oil to help some people who prefer shopping from Amazon. So if you have to shop from amazon and you need a CBD product with benefits of hemp seed oil, be sure to get one from



Full-spectrum is better than CBD isolate

By now you must have come across these two terms that are used in the world of CBD. If you have not, CBD isolate is a CBD product that contains CBD and only CBD alone. Full-spectrum CBD on the other hand, it is a CBD product that contains all the terpenes naturally contained in the hemp plant. A hemp plant contains more than 140 compounds and all of them are useful so I guess a Full-spectrum product will be much better. Most experts also suggest that you should go for the Full-spectrum products and they believe that the products have an entourage effect and the dog benefits more from such products.

Get Full spectrum Hemp Oil