5 Ways to Avoid Dosing Problems with Hemp Oil

As you know, there are so many incredible benefits of Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil. This Hemp Oil, which has been extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, has a wide range of medicinal effects and benefits for both humans and our four-legged friends.

Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil is an oil is a terrific alternative to traditional, pharmaceutical medicines for pets and can treat a wide range of ailments, especially in dogs. There are so many great medicinal benefits of Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil, which, when given to dogs in the correct dosages can help reduce and manage arthritis pain, inflammation, anxiety, and allergies. It can also help to fight heart disease and even prevent cancer. 


There is not an officially certified dosing chart from any governmental agency just yet so many pet owners who are planning on giving their dog Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil ask, exactly how much Hemp Oil should I be giving my dog for each dose? This is a great question!

You are using Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil for all the great things it can do for your dog’s health so you want to make sure you are giving them enough so that they experience all the great effects. Also, while there are no dangerous side effects to Hemp Oil, it is still a good idea to learn more about dosing recommendations so you can ease your dog into the treatments and understand how they are reacting to it as you go. 

Here are a few handy tips on how to make sure you are administering the correct dosage of Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil to allow your dog to start reaping the healing benefits. 


  1. Liquid Hemp Oil is Best

Especially when starting a Hemp Oil regimen, it is best to start by using the liquid form, like Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil, so both you and your pet can start slowly and begin to figure out how much Hemp Oil they need in order for it to work for them and their body weight. When you add a few drops of liquid to their food, water or favorite treat, it is you who is controlling the doses, which is a good thing for your dog, and for your knowledge of how they will react to the Hemp Oil Supplement. It is always a good practice to start out with more control to learn the situation rather than jumping into something you don’t control as much. 


  1. Start Slow and Build Up

Starting your pet on a Hemp Oil regimen is a process. Like any process, it is ok to start slow and build your way up. Later in this article, we will give you a helpful chart with some recommended dosage levels for dogs based on their weight. This is a helpful recommendation, but it always helps to remember that all dogs are different. Based on their age, health, diet, physical activity level, metabolism and more, every dog can react slightly differently to the Hemp Oil. This is why you should start with a little less than the recommended dosage. From there you can build up to where your dog needs to be. 


  1. High-Quality Hemp Oils Are Best 

Just like any supplement or medicine, there are high-quality varieties and low-quality varieties of Hemp Oil. To avoid any dosing problems with Hemp Oil for your dog, you should always stick to premium products like Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil. 

Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil will give you the confidence that you are getting a product that is free of things that are harmful and a supplement that will be truly beneficial to your pet’s long-term health. For this, it is worth paying a few extra dollars to make sure it is as pure and as free of additives as possible. Organic Hemp Oils, like Pet Pawsitive, are the ideal way to go to make sure your oil is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, solvents, and heavy metals. These could lead to bigger health problems for your pet down the road and counteract any other benefits that your dog is getting from the Hemp Oil treatments. 


  1. Talk to Your Veterinarian

As with any situation that involves the health of your animals, the best and most knowledgeable source of information can often come from your local Veterinarian. Vets have a very deep and well-versed knowledge of your pet’s anatomy and physiology and they understand how to deliver the proper dosages based on weight and other factors. Your Vet should be able to give you some general information on dosing and can be a very valuable resource on the matter.  


A Helpful Chart:  

This chart will give you a general idea of how much Pet Pawsitive Hemp Seed Oil dosage is recommend for a dog based on their weight. 

  • Use directly in pet’s food or put in pet’s mouth.

    For Dogs: 

    Under 20 lbs - 1/2 dropper  per day

    Under 21-49 lbs - 1/2 dropper per day

    Above 50 lbs - 1 Full dropper per day

    For Cats:

    1/4 dropper per day


    NOTE - Give twice a day for best result.

    Give 4-6 weeks to see significant results of overall wellness for your dog.


Remember, this chart just provides a helpful guideline to get you started giving Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil to your dog. Every dog is different so your dog might need a little more or they might need a little less. 


Conclusion : 

Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oils are a new frontier of supplement that can deliver so many amazing healing effects to your pets and also help cut out the need for chemically based pharmaceutical remedies that can be both expensive and harmful to your dog’s health in the long run. Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil very safe, it comes with no known side effects and, when given in the correct dosages will produce remarkable results for your dog’s health both in the immediate term and in the future. If you follow these simple rules above, you can start effectively administering Pet Pawsitive Hemp Oil to your dog to help them lead a happier, more pain-free life that you both can enjoy for years to come!