Hemp seed oil vs CBD oil for dogs

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil have gained popularity over the years but there still some people who don't know they are different things intended for completely different functions. Today, we put an end to this confusion and some misconceptions associated with the two. By learning the differences you will be able to go for the thing you are looking for not buying hemp oil but realize you needed CBD oil or the other way.

Cannabis vs. CBD vs. Hemp vs. Hemp seed oil vs Marijuana

One thing that leads to confusion is cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) sound like it is the same thing.  They are different even though they sound and look similar. Another thing that leads to confusion is that most people use the scientific name cannabis interchangeably and it sounds like hemp and marijuana are just the same things. However, they are different and here are the differences.

Cannabis properties

Well, cannabis is the name of the plant. Allow me to use an example to illustrate the point here. It is like maple is the name of a tree. We all know maples are sugary but the amount will vary depending on the variety of maple. Get the point? A Japanese maple tree doesn't have as good syrup as a sugary maple but they are all from the same plant.

Now that's how it works even with the cannabis plant but instead of talking about sugar levels, we talk about THC levels in cannabis varieties.

There are two major types of the cannabis plant, one has high levels of THC (responsible for getting one high) and the other has high levels of CBD (perfect for therapeutic and pain relief purposes). The one with high levels of THC is what we generally call marijuana and the one with high amounts of CBD is what is generally called hemp. Marijuana is illegal while hemp is legal and it is grown for medicinal purposes. This clears the air on the question, will CBD make my dog high? CBD will not and will never make anyone high because it contains the least amounts of THC usually less than 0.3 percent.

Hemp oil, Hemp seed oil, and CBD oil

Now that you get the difference between marijuana and hemp oil, let us look at another confusing thing in the world of CBD. Most people tend to think that hemp seed oil is the same as hemp oil and they can be used interchangeably to serve the same purpose but that is not the case. They are completely different and they serve different purposes so don't get confused and end buying one and you needed the other. To get the differences, let us dive into differences.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil just like it sounds is the oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil doesn't contain any amount of CBD compound and if you are looking for a CBD product you should avoid hemp seed oil because it will not serve the purpose you intend it to serve. The hemp seed oil also doesn't contain any traces of THC. It contains lots of proteins and healthy fatty acids and can be a great addition but it does not serve the same purpose as CBD oil or hemp oil.

Hemp oil

If you come across a product labeled as hemp oil, there is a need for some investigation. The manufacturer has not stated if it contains any CBD content or it is just like hemp seed oil. It also could be oil from the flowers, leaves or combination which technically don't make it CBD oil nor does it make it hemp seed oil. It could be CBD oil in disguise and you buy it and you were looking for hemp seed oil and you end up regretting. But why would someone sell CBD oil in disguise? Well, Amazon does not allow any CBD products on its platform so a manufacturer can manufacture some low-quality CBD oils, list them on Amazon as hemp oil and sell because the platform has got no problem with hemp oil.

CBD oil

When looking for a product to treat some of the dog's common ailments such as loss of appetite, arthritis, anxiety, and digestive issues, you should look for a product labeled CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted using high-quality methods of extraction that ensures that the chemical compound extracted is on its purest form. A quality CBD oil should be extracted using the CO2 method of extraction as it is the safest and the extracts are the purest. Such CBD is normally a bit expensive than the others but it is worth it.

Which is better for dogs, CBD or hemp seed oil?

Both products are good for dogs and it will depend on what you need to identify which is the better choice is for your dog. You can buy both to use for different purposes but not interchangeable. You can even use them at the same time as no problem can arise because of using the products together.

If you see a hemp seed oil labeled that it can treat anxiety or lower stress levels, that's false advertising because it can't. However, it still has lots of health benefits just that it cannot be used as medicine like CBD oil can. Hemp seed oil will provide your dog with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are very important when it comes to maintaining the coat of the dog. The fatty acids contained in hemp seed oil also plays a significant role in lubricating joints and easing mild cases of inflammation.

CBD oil, on the other hand, it can be used to calm nerves of your dog while you are traveling, alleviate symptoms of inflammation, control seizure, and it is excellent when it comes to relieving pain caused by inflammation or injuries.

You could also get a product with both features if that’s what you are looking for. We believe such a product will be the best fit because as we have seen, both CBD oil and hemp seed oil have lots of benefits.

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